Lanai Bright - CPIB extension Bogota
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Simply Installed, Simply Explained


Lanai Bright is the first patented low voltage, flush-mounted, LED lighting system that snaps securely into the frame of screen enclosures.


Our patented install process hides any wires, giving our customized LED lighting systems a virtually no-show finish.


With Lanai Bright there is no need to commit to a fixed layout. Do you want to add more lights or subtract some? With modular implementation, that is no problem


Adjust the brightness and select from sixteen million colors with the touch of a button by using our remote or by downloading the app to your phone. Full customization in the palm of your hand

Packed with Features

Choose the ideal product for you


  • Up and Down Lights are a great way of creating atmosphere on your screen enclosure and lanai
  • They wash screen enclosure with a decorative two-way pattern of light for a cozy, welcoming effect along pathways and edges


  • Designed as overhead lighting and installed on the ceiling of the screen enclosure
  • Excellent as task lighting and for evenly lighting up your entire pool and decking area
  • Ideal for illuminating a lanai for entertaining, dining, and relaxing


  • Designed as a sconce and installed on the wall beams of the screen enclosure
  • Excellent for ambiance lighting for the perimeter of your pool and lanai decking
  • Ideal for creating a perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for your outdoor living space


  • Light up your pillars, boat lifts, pathway, and under decking
  • Excellent for ambiance, safety, cleaning your boat and for safely parking your boat at night.
  • Ideal for creating a perfect atmosphere and setting the tone for your outdoor living space

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