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Let There Be Light focuses on illuminating outdoor living spaces through LED technology for lanais, pool enclosures, and boat docks. We look forward to lighting up your outdoor lifestyle while continuing our tradition of exceeding expectations with excellence.


Includes several design layouts and the cost for each, demonstration of two working samples, app and remote demo, and examples of finished system installations.

Patented LED Lighting System

Lanai Bright is the first patented low voltage, flush-mounted, LED lighting system that snaps securely into the frame of screen enclosures.

No Glue, No Adhesive, No Mess

Our snap-in-place install system means: No Glue, No Adhesive, No Mess

Patented “No-Show” Install

Our patented install process hides any wires, giving our customized LED lighting systems a virtually no-show finish.

Installation and Warranty

Lanai Bright lighting systems are weatherproof, warrantied, and professionally installed by electricians.

Customer Controlled

Adjust the brightness and select from sixteen million colors with the touch of a button by using our remote or by downloading the app to your phone.

Why Choose Let There Be Light

Low-voltage systems specifically designed for outdoor use.LED technology in million colors.LED technology in million colors.

Referral Program

you'll be introduced to our referral program where if you refer a friend, you'll get a $50 bonus and your friend will too.
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